Gourmet Korean
Ready-to-Cook Meal Kits

NZ’s  most  selected  Korean  cuisine  meal  kits

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No Knives, No chopping board. Uchef prepares everything ready-to-cook.

You just stir fry or boil it.



  • Dakgalbi

    MUST TRY as U:chef's best seller menu Gourmet Korean stir-fry sweet spicy chicken. You will find real and genuine taste of Dakgalbi
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  • Yukgaejang

    Korean spicy hangover soup (beef and vegetable mix)
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  • Beef Sundubu

    Korean spicy soft tofu soup with thinly sliced beef
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  • Seafood Sundubu

    Seafood with spicy soft tofu stew
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free-delivery (1) Free Delivery Auckland

Over $80 Free delivery Auckland (Some areas are excluded. Please see our deliver zone below)

winter U:chef Food Storage Guide

Meats or seafood in the packages can be stored in a freezer unless it is being consumed on the day delivered.

The rest of the contents (vegetables) can be kept in a fridge up to a week or longer.

The Korean Hang Over Soup  and Yukgaejang can be in a Freezer if you need to keep it longer period.

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Delivery Guide

1. Order today and receive tomorrow.
2. Weekend delivery available.
3. If address is at places such as hotels etc, please pick up your order in front of your building, as we do not deliver into Public Buildings, such as Multi-units dwelling, and Hotels due to security reasons. We notify you of our arrival 2 minutes in advance.


To keep freshness up, the customer will receive their order in person. You can leave a icebox or a chiller bag in front of door if you are unable to receive it otherwise, we can provide you a chiller bag with ice packs for extra $5.