Spicy beef & vegetable soup (Yukgaejang)

Spicy beef and vegetable soup

Yukgaejang or spicy beef and vegetable soup is a spicy, soup-like Korean dish made from shredded beef with scallions and other ingredients, which are simmered together for a long time. It was formerly served in Korean royal court cuisine. It can be eaten with steamed rice.

  • Just add up water and boil it for 10 min. DONE !!
  • Can be stored in a freezer and cook it whenever needed
  • Ideal for any occasions



1 person X 2EA

Easy pack

2 people

15 minutes

  • Beef

  • Taro stem, Bracken fern, Oyster mushroom, Spring onion, Onion

  • Yukgaejang magic sauce

Yukgaejang is prepared in individual packaging for the customer’s convenience. ( 2 packaging of an amount for 1 serving)

  1. Add 500ml ~ 600ml of water into the pot. When the water starts boiling add 1 prepared packaging of 1 serving.
  2. The meal is ready to be served after boiling it for another 10 minutes in medium heat.
  3. You may add in extra water or the leftover seasoning sauce in your own will.
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