Beef hangover soup (Haejangguk)

Korean Hangover Soup (Haejang-guk)

In Korea, Korean loves drinks in many ways and “Haejangguk” is usually used to get rid of a hangover quickly. Korean people are used to consuming this soup to get rid of hangovers. There are various kinds of hangover soup by regions. It usually consists of dried Napa cabbage, vegetables and meat in a hearty beef broth. It can be eaten with steamed rice of your choice.

  • Just add up water and boil it for 10 min. DONE !!
  • Can be stored in a freezer and cook it whenever needed
  • Ideal for any occasions



1 person X 2EA

Easy pack

2 people

10 minutes

  • Chinese cabbage, spring onion

  • Beef

  • Haejangguk sauce

  1. Add 500ml ~ 600ml of water with the prepared package of Haejangguk and let it boil in medium heat for 10 minutes.
  2. You may add in extra water or seasoning of your choice.
  3. You may also add chopped spring onions or bean sprouts as a topping.


Food Storage Guide

1.The Korean Hang Over soup and Yukgaejang can be in a Freezer if you need to keep it longer period.

2.Meats or seafood in the packages can be stored in a freezer unless it is being consumed on the day delivered.

3.The rest of the contents can be kept in a fridge up to a week or longer.

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