Korean Bulgogi Soup (Ttukbaegi Bulgogi)

Korean Bulgogi Soup (Ttukbaegi Bulgogi)

Ttukbaegi Bulgogi is a Korean beef soup dish prepared with marinated beef called Bulgogi together with carrots, mushrooms and Dangmyeon Noodles cooked in an earthenware pot called Ttukbaegi.

– Just add water and boil it. DONE !!

– Ideal for any occasions



Meal Kit

2~3 people

15 minutes

  • Marinated thinly sliced beef

  • Button mushroom, Shiitake mushroom, Onion, Carrot, Spring Oinon, Paprika, Chilli

  • Sweet potato noodles

Marinated Sliced Beff Stew (Bulgogi)

  1. Add the noodles and the meat in the middle of it and place the vegetables nicely on top of it.
  2. Add around 450ml ~ 500ml of water and let it simmer.
  3. When the water starts boiling, reduce the heat from high to medium and let loose the meat from time to time.
  4. After boiling it for another 5 ~ 10 minutes, you may add in extra water or seasoning of your choice.


Food Storage Guide

1.The Korean Hang Over soup and Yukgaejang can be in a Freezer if you need to keep it longer period.

2.Meats or seafood in the packages can be stored in a freezer unless it is being consumed on the day delivered.

3.The rest of the contents can be kept in a fridge up to a week or longer.

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