Kimchi Stew (Kimchi Jjigae)

Kimchi Jjigae (serves 3~4)

It is also known as kimchi stew is probably one of the most common stews in Korean cuisine. It’s a warm, hearty, spicy, funky and savory. That’s why it’s served with a lot of white rice, to help balance out all that heat.

To make perfect and delicious Kimchi stew, well fermented, sour Kimchi is the key. Kimchi continues to ferment as it sits and over time its flavor develops to something considerably more complex. If the kimchi is overly sour to your taste, add a teaspoon or two of sugar to the stew to balance out the sour taste.

It goes very well with patty pork meat and you can even make different versions of Kimchi jjigae using canned tuna, canned blue mackerel or sliced beef of your choice and it will introduce you totally different versions of Kimchi Jjigae which you may love.



Meal Kit

3~4 people

15 minutes

  • Kimchi base for Kimchi Jjigae
  • Sliced Tofu and assorted vegies
  • Pork
  • Spring onion

Kimchi Stew (Kimchi Jjigae) 

1. Put Kimchi base, tofu, pork meat and assorted vegies in a pot

2. Add 800ml ~ 900ml of water and boil it 10 mins ~ 15 mins

3. Adjust your flavour by adding water or salt

Food Storage Guide

1.The Korean Hang Over soup and Yukgaejang can be in a Freezer if you need to keep it longer period.

2.Meats or seafood in the packages can be stored in a freezer unless it is being consumed on the day delivered.

3.The rest of the contents can be kept in a fridge up to a week or longer.

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