Traditional soybean paste soup (Denjang Jjigae)

Traditional Korean soybean paste stew

One of the most popular Korean stew dishes made with Korean soybean paste (Doenjang). Typically, special soup stock, meat (or seafood), tofu and vegetables of your choice is added into the stew. It is normally eaten with steamed rice.



Meal kit

Family pack

10 minutes

  • Assorted prepared vegetables

  • Firm Tofu

  • Doenjang sauce

  1. Add 400ml ~ 500ml of water into the pot and gently dissolve 2 spoonfuls of soybean paste.
  2. Then add in vegetables, tofu, mushroom and let it boil as long as it’s necessary.
  3. While the dish is in the process add in spring onions and chillies.
  4. You may adjust the flavour of the dish by either adding in extra water or leftover soybean paste.
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